29 October 2006

A speaks

A's first words are: book, apple (“ap”), bump (“bup!”), up, ball, drink (“guk”), hat (clear as a bell), and something that sounds like bite or eat.


“Euclid's text Elements was the first systematic discussion of geometry. It has been one of the most influential books in history[.]”

—Wikipedia, “Euclidean geometry”

I'm not sure this is an exaggeration.


J, who is three, enjoys A Light in the Attic. O says Shel Silverstein's best poems are the ones that are really about himself. This led me to a new appreciation of his stuff.

I've never dealt draw poker
In a rowdy lumber camp.
Or got up at the count of nine
To beat the worlds champ.
I've never had my picture on
A six-cent postage stamp.
I've never scored a touchdown
On a ninety-nine yard run.
I've never winged six Daltons
With my dying brother's gun...
Or kissed Miz Jane, and rode my hoss
Into the setting sun.
Sometimes I get so depressed
'Bout what I haven't done.
—Shel Silverstein, Never

26 October 2006

"We all have a common enemy..."

Marquette University censors the office doors of its Ph.D. students. A quote from a noted terrorist has been removed.

Sorry, did I say terrorist? I meant syndicated humor columnist. The censored quote is from Dave Barry. Click the link. The story defies belief (and the quote is actually kind of funny).

Why does no one seem to care about this? A little part of me dies every time I read a story like this. It takes me a while to get over it. "Free speech zones" on university campuses. God help us.