26 August 2007

Where to eat in Nashua, NH

Every town has something just a little different to offer. Here are the places I would recommend if you had a day to spend in Nashua, New Hampshire, U.S.A.

Breakfast: The City Room Cafe. Try the Cajun sirloin crepes. (They're not what I expected; they should be called "crepes curry" and they're a treat.) Check out the specials; they're usually inventive and scrumptious. Or have a sausage-apple-cheddar omelette.

Lunch: Nashua Garden, a pub on Main Street, for the best sandwiches in town. Order a "Big Poppy", loaded, plus hummus and roasted red peppers.

Dinner: Brazilian BBQ on Main Street. If you've never had Brazilian barbecue before (I hadn't), this is a must. Alternatively, Lilac Blossom serves great Chinese. The Crispy Whole Fish is not to be missed. Lamb in Two Styles is almost as good, but is made of fluffy, innocent baby sheep, alas.

Now, if you spurn variety entirely, instead have a nice, conventional breakfast at Hollis Country Kitchen (way out west), lunch at Nashua House of Pizza (just a pizza place, but unusually good), and dinner at Michael Timothy's on Main Street.

P.S. Adventurous or not, if it happens to be Sunday morning when the urge strikes you, have a go at Michael Timothy's weekly jazz brunch. It features live music, an excellent buffet, roast beast and omelettes each to order, and a better grade of coffee. Desserts are included in the price of adm. Singularly pleasant.