31 December 2004

Christmas eve; old age

Grandma seemed in excellent health, which pleased me greatly. It did me good to see her able to move about, step over small children and piano benches with apparent ease, play the piano, cook, do crossword puzzles, and so forth.

Dad hosted his annual Christmas Eve dinner. Before the festivities, CF asked me to put together a game for the night's entertainment. She likes to have a game for Christmas Eve, some sort of puzzle which everyone competes to solve first. Last year SO won, much to the consternation of the more avid puzzlers in the crowd. So I made a puzzle. CF considered my first attempt far too easy, indeed insultingly so. I made it harder; we made copies on card stock and handed them out.

There were just under two dozen guests. CM solved the puzzle in 40 seconds. Grandma didn't stop at that point, though, and she eventually solved most of it. She complained, "you get old, and it makes you slower." But I suspect that of those who competed in good conscience, Grandma got the furthest.

It turns out that Grandma dislikes the sort of puzzle where one must unscramble words, a la Jumble. I wish I had known that.

I wonder how much slower Grandma really is. Her memory probably isn't as quick as it used to be, but then my own memory is very bad already. I can only hope to age so well.

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