30 August 2005

A prize is awarded

Ichabod's has a trivia question every day. The first three people to answer it get free coffee. Yesterday, the question was: What does the term zugzwang describe in the game of chess?

Zugzwang is one of my favorite words. The coffee was only so-so.


Mattie said...

To link your most recent two posts, I consider our Iraq position zugzwang at a high-level. We can't leave, but we can't stay. In fact, all options look rather grim.

I'd comment on oil-spot, but that'd be derailing this topic too far.

Congratulations on the coffee.

bloghead said...

zugzwang is nice, but I'm partial to zwischenzug

It's tough to find examples of zugzwang in real life, isn't it? For zugzwang to occur, 1) all the alternatives are bad and 2) you must choose one of the alternatives. In real life, unlike chess, one can often just "pass".

jto said...

The "flypaper" argument, I guess, sees the Iraq war as zwischenzug. Nice word. Thanks.