26 September 2006

A bouquet of Penny Arcade

It's a comic strip about video games. Be forewarned: most of the joke with Penny Arcade is that the characters are phenomenally foul-mouthed.

I picked these out for oliviao, even though it seems likely there's not a single Penny Arcade strip she would actually like...

“This is that Star Ocean?”

“I'm watching my sim watch TV.”

“I thought you said we were going to level up together!”

“Ann, as your uncle, I respect your youthful vigor.”

“Dude. I just got back from the Serenity preview showing!”

“You told me this book a) wasn't fantasy, and b) contained no dragons.”

1 comment:

ojo said...

Heh.. I laughed out loud for the sim watching. The "level up together" and "not about dragons" got grins for similarity to our interactions. =)