24 June 2007

To do

Frivolous projects I would undertake, if I only had the time.
  • Submit a patch to Monotone that makes "mtn log" display log entries in chronological order.

  • Finish debugging the new, faster syntax-case implementation I have for Try Scheme. (sigh) It's so close!

  • Write about continuations.

    A good tutorial would be helpful. I haven't read anything I really liked. (Squawk of the Parrot has some very nice stuff on this.) I think a good approach would be to say up front that it's extremely generalized and hard to explain, but that we're going to work toward the definition. Then lean heavily on examples and analogies. Compare continuations to all kinds of control-flow concepts: functions; goto; return and break as functions; savepoints in video games; exceptions; generators; longjmp. Explain that all of these can be implemented fairly easily using call/cc. Then talk about continuation-passing style.

    I also want to investigate just what abstraction boundaries are violated by first-class continuations in a language that has state. I am kind of down on continuations as a language feature at the moment.

  • Read about continuations. In particular, Andrzej Filinski's thesis introducing the symmetric lambda calculus.

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