02 November 2007

This week I learned...

  • To view the wiki-source of any MediaWiki page, add ?action=raw to the URL. (Good for scripting.)

  • Unix has system calls like mlock, mincore, mprotect, and madvise that interact with the virtual memory manager. (Some are more standard than others.) I only knew about the venerable mmap.

  • There's a fast, easy way to avoid the agonizing worst-case fragmentation you can get when you use a simple size-class/freelist implementation of malloc: per-page freelists.

  • You can implement a copying collector in 100 lines of easy-to-read C that won't blow the stack!

  • The Encyclop√¶dia Brittanica is about 33,000 pages long, and I'm not the only one to raise an eyebrow at the volume titled “Menage - Ottowa”.

I also keep learning about good decisions the JVM designers made, but they're even less exciting than the above.

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