18 January 2008

This week I learned...

  • The Phaistos Disc is a mysterious clay disc, about 3400-3850 years old, discovered in the basement of a Minoan palace. It is imprinted with hieroglyphic symbols. It is the earliest known instance of movable-type printing, which would not be seen again until woodblock printing appeared in China some 1600+ years later.

  • Poseidon was believed to have created the horse. (I didn't even know that Pandora was a Greek legend. In my brain she was curiously detached from any specific culture.)

  • For some reason, Wikipedia's pages on Greek mythology are very often vandalized.

  • And I learned more about SpiderMonkey split objects than any human being should know. But I still don't understand them very well, as that page (which I wrote) indicates.

    I've been learning (and documenting) a lot about SpiderMonkey and its API, which may be why the pickings are so slim otherwise.

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