06 April 2008

This week I learned...

  • In the children's section of the Nashville public library, the mother lode of folk tales is in the nonfiction section. Aha!

  • There's a whole family of egg-eating snakes that swallow eggs bigger than their heads, squeeze out the insides, and spit out the shell.

  • According to this blog post, native speakers of Chinese are gradually forgetting how to write.

  • According to Jared Diamond, out of 148 species of large, wild, terrestrial herbivorous mammals, only 14 have ever been successfully domesticated. (Guns, Germs, and Steel.)

Every time I go to the Nashville library, I leave feeling like I've just picked somebody's pocket. It's a wonderful library. (I don't know that it's particularly unusual in this regard.)

1 comment:

Larry said...

Wait, are you in Nashville or Nashua?