06 April 2009


Hey, listen to this song:

Listening to the first 15 seconds, I didn't think I was going to like it. The reasons I like this song are interesting enough to write about at length, but... oh, just hit the button.


Ted Mielczarek said...

Clever. :)

Mariano M. Chouza said...

Great song, thanks for linking it. Although I have mixed feelings about its message, it's very powerful expressing it.

Joe Larson said...

This song is from a local band where I'm from, or where I was from at the time. They're Coloradian, so I've been hearing this song for a while now.

My wife heard it first and told me I've got to hear it. So when it came on the radio she turned it up. I only heard the last bit, and I looked at her and said, "When did you gain a tolerance for rap?" "That's not rap" she asserted. I had to pull up the lyrics where he claims to be a "famous RAPPER" before she'd believe. "Oh, well, it's still good." "Yes it is."