16 March 2012

Not censorship

I am in no way calling for censorship. Rush is entitled to all the free speech he wants, but we—as women, as members of marginalized or oppressed groups, and as Americans—are equally entitled to use our free speech and all the tools of the democratic process to get him off the air.

Gloria Feldt, calling for the FCC to take Rush Limbaugh off the air.

I have an honest question here. How exactly would that not be censorship?

Unless I’m missing something, I think the most charitable way of reading this must be to ignore these two sentences entirely, take as read that Feldt knows she is calling for a kind of censorship, and then evaluate the case for censorship on the merits. But the case is ludicrous too. Banning offensive speech? We’re going to build our future on that cliff?


Asa Dotzler said...

I think it's actually an interesting question. Is it censorship if the government refuses to give someone a piece of the commons (radio waves) that belong to all of us? The right to speech and the right to use a megaphone that belongs to all of the people don't seem to me to be the same thing.

jto said...

Of course it is censorship--just as it is censorship if some people are allowed to protest in a public park and others are not.