20 January 2014

Lisp Machines

I’m doing some casual research on Lisp Machines. I find myself wishing for the patience of a reference librarian. Or just a very patient friend to lend moral support.

Dead links everywhere. Decay is a natural thing, and on the whole I am grateful that the Web decays. It just doesn’t suit my purpose at the moment.

As recently as 2007:

A wiki has been set up to capture some notes about using lispm's
and the unlambda emulators.  Contributions are welcome and
encouraged.  Thanks to Dan Moniz for setting it up and all who
have contributed.


Tim Newsham

The link is not exactly broken, but the wiki doesn’t work anymore. Imagine two bits of software, once friends, one still alive, one mysteriously vanished who knows when.

But soon enough, the message itself will vanish from the web too; and this message you’re reading now; and in time, the Blogger service. Gone the way of the Lisp Machine itself, interesting to some, gone over the horizon of what’s worth preserving.


graydon said...

I assume your quest encountered http://bitsavers.trailing-edge.com/pdf/symbolics/ early on?

jto said...

No, I didn't! I found http://bitsavers.trailing-edge.com/pdf/mit/cadr/ but failed to see the Symbolics stuff which looks a lot more complete...