19 June 2005

James wants to look

James's first four-syllable word was avocado, but only because he long ago started saying “cycle” for motorcycle. Yesterday he said, “momocycle”—a conscious effort on his part.

I showed James some pictures of motorcycles on Google Image Search and it's now one of his favorite things to do. “Look—cycle?” he'll say. Whenever he's in the computer room he demands to see pictures. It's becoming quite difficult.

Some of his favorite searches are purple fish, red motorcycle, and blue bus. (James is into two-word phrases these days.)

I had forgotten—you do find some strange and beautiful things when you spend time aimlessly wandering on the Web.

A rift in the Ross Ice Shelf. “At the narrow end, [these rifts] are covered by a snow-bridge and are nearly invisible. As a result, they can be quite treacherous, as some covered portions of the cracks are large enough to swallow tracked vehicles.” (more)

A child's toy filled with gasoline - Not for sale in the land of the free, for obvious reasons. But what a cool toy. You can take it apart and rearrange the pieces to make this. The same page has a picture of the most beautiful motorcycle I've ever seen. This motorcycle could star in its own movie.

A search for big rock turns up lots of nice pictures, including this one.

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