22 June 2005

M. plays Blank White

My sister M. was in town a week ago. We did the tourist thing and played 1000 Blank White Cards. I guess we should have used the rejects the gang sent back with us from Florida, but we decided to start from scratch.

Normally this game is something of a free-for-all, but with the card set we ended up with, it was surprisingly stable. For me, this makes the game even more fun. After the last hand, we ended up with:

  • six plain point cards
  • six point cards that actually do something
  • eight action cards
  • six counterspells

This is a good mix. I've been thinking about doing the counterspell thing for a long time. My impression is that it really helps the game. It also helped that very few of the cards had you doing something every turn. I think the game works better when it can move along pretty quickly.


Evil Thieving Monkeys - Steal another player's card in play and play it on yourself. (inspiration)

Turn to the Dark Side - Flip any card in play face-down. On the back (if it's blank), draw a cruel, evil version of the front.

Let it all hang out - All new cards must have a PIG theme! +3 pts. (There was a Star Wars theme card, too. Never managed to get both in play at the same time, alas.)

In Triplicate - +3 pts. Whenever you play a non-point card, triple its effects.

I'd better stop here. James wants to look at motorcycles.


Mattie said...

I love the 'theme' idea for blank cards.

I'm not as fond of extremely stable games, though I think they're refreshing at times. Really, I like the spark of danger when something threatens to destabilize or degenerate the game.

jto said...

What I liked about this set is that it still felt like Blank White Cards, but actually had a sort of interesting ending. Too many BWC games tend to end with "What--it's over? Oh."