16 February 2006

Possible side projects

  • Help daniele with his really cool idea for a web site. (Bonus: It'll be a great way to learn Ruby on Rails.)
  • Make a write-only object model for generating C code. I wonder if this exists. I have not come up with the right set of search terms to find it. The point is, if you create little programming languages, it's easier and more portable for your compiler to output C than machine language. On the other hand, you can't have continuations if you're stuck with C. I guess it's easier to produce Scheme code anyway...
  • Write a library that allows any of a nice set of VMs (CLR, JVM, Python VM, etc.) to load any other on demand and use its libraries. The benefit is, you wouldn't have to choose a programming language for a particular project based on the libraries you want to use. There are tons of implementations of this for specific pairs of VMs (i.e. a version of Python that embeds the CLR) but nothing generic that I can see. This is probably too hard.
  • Download pypy and see if I can write an objectspace where everything is a thunk. Lazy Python! (There is no point whatsoever to doing this.)
  • Make a language called Chef 2 that's like Chef, but with a larger standard library of verbs and tools to give the recipes more variety. Possibly the theme could be more of a horror-flick thing. (Equally pointless.)
  • Write some foldout toys in Haskell. Nothing specific in mind.
  • Write more interpreters.

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