17 February 2006

Possible side projects

Considering my goal of working on one frivolous side project at a time, I've decided to post (even more of) my stupid ideas here, so I always have plenty of frivolous things to choose from.
  • It would be cool if subversion had a command svn post-patch -u <url> that would basically do svn diff, put a summary of the files touched into a text file, open an editor so the user can add an explanation of the patch, tar+gzip it all together, and post the resulting patch to a specified HTTP URL. svn could even do something dumb to find the appropriate URL within the source tree itself, rather than requiring the user to specify it.

    The idea is, if you're a big open-source project using subversion, you could install some hypothetical web-based tool to receive and track patches. Your core developers could browse and apply patches with a few clicks.

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