05 November 2005

J. turns 2

This is J. He's my son, as you can tell; he looks just like me.

(J. behind a book photo)

J.'s grammy bought him a table for his birthday and came up for the party. (That's J. on the right.)

(J. and Grammy photo)

There were a few balloons at the party. One of them was a very large two, or as J. says, “five”.

(J. with ‘2’ balloon

D. & M. gave J. this very cool cardboard box. It was even more fun after we got the green Winnie-the-Pooh chair out of it.

(boys in a box photo)

J. wasn't the only one to get presents for his birthday. O. and I got some Legos. Here's O. putting the finishing touches on an ostrich.

(lego ostrich photo)

We were previously unaware that all you have to do to get Legos is raise a screaming baby to age two. This is an important revelation. Sign us up for another!


Helen said...

Awesome pictures! Happy Birthday to J. =) He's such a cutie pie. That ostrich was pretty cool, too- definitely better than anything I've built with Legos.

(P.S.- I've discovered that you get more Legos as the boy gets older. Watch out for the single block ones, though- they rival caltrops. -grin-)

jto said...

I speculate kids receive birthday Legos in direct proportion to the number of geek friends their parents have.

And yes, cleaning up Duplos all the time is not as much fun as we thought it would be, even with the blocodile. I'm constantly kicking them and stepping on them.

Our apartment has definitely lost the "vast empty spaces" feel it used to have--a net loss, to my mind.